How has TKD benefited you/your child?

For my son Roy, TKD has been good for physical conditioning. TKD builds strength coordination and endurance. Also, It is a discipline which requires Learning techniques, practicing those techniques and then showing proficiency to advance to the next rank. The benefit to this is that the student can see how hard work and determination leads to promotion. It helps to define a good work ethic at a young age which can be carried for a lifetime.

For myself I have benefited from TKD physical conditioning, it forces you to use muscles usually not utilized in everyday activity or even other sports.

One big benefit is it is a sport we can do together.

TKD has been a great experience. My instructor and fellow classmates have been very patient and helpful as I learn and progress. The physical aspects of TKD are demanding and help keep me fit.

Tom Shapard, Hanover Parent

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