Our family's involvement with Blue Wave Taekwondo brings discipline, education, diversity, friendship, and fun as our kids journey through the ranks. The discipline exercised and history learned in every class is very different from other activities. In addition, the classes are filled with different ages, genders, interests, and backgrounds. Together, these provide great learning and diversity for all of us. We've enjoyed getting to know family members and everyone enjoys the fun events that are sprinkled in, as well. Overall, I am very proud to have my family involved in Blue Wave, learning and having lots of fun along the way!

Jon Ames , Grantham/Hanover Parent

Taekwondo has changed my life many ways. It was a great way for me to meet new people and to channel my strength.
It was a great way to grow my strength and mind in a controlled way. I was so glad to be able to meet great instructors and make new friends. It’s helped me learn new things like, control, patience, and taekwondo helped me get better with strength, reflexes,
and commitment. As I look back at the years I’ve done taekwondo, I realize that taekwondo has helped me through my daily life and tough times.

Jessie Han, Hanover Student

When my son began with Blue Wave Tae Kwan Do, I was not sure how he would do. He has been in several sports and has not really found anything he liked. Since day one he was in love with tkd and Master Hopkins. The level of respect that he has for both tkd and Master Hopkins is huge. He began to study his poomse at home and wanted to do well to move belts. He is much more focused since beginning this and is in love with the sport. Blue Wave is something he will continue for a very long time.

Erin Merriam, Grantham/ Hanover Parent

One of the aspects of TKD, specifically Blue Wave TKD, that I appreciate most as a parent is the supportive atmosphere. While students are working on their individual goals, the support from fellow students is very team-like and encouraging. That atmosphere, combined with the flexibility to pursue higher degree belts at the student's pace- taking time away if need be, or adding 3 classes per week, support both student and family. Finally, the instructor's commitment to his classes is unparalleled further supporting students' success.

Kristin Miller, Grantham/Hanover Parent