The Blue Wave Taekwondo School – Testing Documentation Links.

General Information

Goal Sheets (PDF)

GOAL SHEETS Verbal in Audio Format (MP3)

White Belt Goal Sheet (testing for yellow stripe) White Belt Testing for Yellow Stripe
Yellow Stripe Goal Sheet (testing for yellow belt) Yellow Stripe Testing for Yellow Belt
Yellow Belt Goal Sheet (testing for green stripe) Yellow Belt Testing for Green Stripe
Green Stripe Goal Sheet (testing for green belt) Green Stripe Testing for Green Belt
Green Belt (testing for blue stripe) Green Belt Testing for Blue Stripe
Blue Stripe (testing for blue belt) Blue Stripe Testing for Blue Belt
Blue Belt (testing for red stripe) Blue Belt Testing for Red Stripe
Red Stripe (testing for red belt) Red Stripe Testing for Red Belt
Red Belt (testing for black stripe) Red Belt Testing for Black Stripe
Black Stripe (testing for black belt) Black Stripe Testing for Black Belt



Recommended Reading for Red and Black Belts