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Blue Wave Summer Camp

2024 Blue Wave Taekwondo Summer is scheduled for August 2nd - 4th in Tunbridge VT. This is a camping event,(tents, pop ups, campers)  at the Tunbridge fairgrounds. It starts with a Black Belt testing Friday night August 2nd, followed by Taekwondo seminars on Saturday and a cookout Saturday night. There are some lite activities on Sunday Morning for those who wish to stay a second night, but many folks choose to go home Saturday evening.  More details below.

To attend the seminar day on Saturday, please use the Eventbrite link to sign up and purchase a ticket.

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Tunbridge Fairgrounds
Tunbridge, VT


Welcome to Blue Wave Summer Camp 2024!
Summer camp has been held at the Fair Grounds in Tunbridge Vermont for many years now. It’s a place
for all Blue Wave members to gather, have fun, meet new friends, and learn TKD from experienced
Friday afternoon you will arrive and pick your campsite. There are many to choose from and they have
water and power hook-ups, which is handy for camping whether you like to sleep in a tent or bring a
camper. You can check in at the “Old Barn” and then stroll around the grounds and visit with all of your
friends that you may not have seen since your last Blue Wave event.
Friday evening features Black Belt testing in the “New Barn”. Testing starts at 6pm so make sure that you
get there a few minutes early to get a good seat. Testing normally takes most of the evening so make
sure that you eat before you come to watch testing.
Saturday morning arrives bright and early and there are picnic tables set up where you can join your
friends and eat breakfast, or just hang out at your campsite. At 7:00am we gather as an entire group in
the grassy area between the Old barn and the New barn. This is where we kick off the day, welcome the
Won Duk Hong - a special designation for first time camp attendees, and discuss the events and activities
of the day.
There are always many opportunities to learn new skills and participate in fun activities regardless of
your skill or belt level. We break for lunch then have an afternoon filled with more seminars and fun
activities. One of the Saturday afternoon favorites is the Slip N Slide hosted by the Warren Dojang.
At 5:00pm we gather again at the picnic tables for a Potluck dinner. So many delicious dishes and BBQ
food as well. Leave plenty of room for the Ice Cream Social directly after dinner. You’ll see all the Red
Belts wielding their scoops as they dish up creamy ice cream for the entire camp to enjoy!
At the end of all the fun seminars and activities you will be tired but satisfied that you’ve had a great day
of TKD, learned or improved new skills and made many new Blue Wave friends. If you have any energy
left after such a full day, many campers like to gather around firepits and tell stories and share memories
of past camp experiences.
Rise and Shine Sunday morning campers! It’s the last day of camp and if you want a challenge, please
join the Bradford dojang in the river that runs the length of the fairground. It’s cold, It’s wet, it’s crazy…
It’s the Polar Bear Plunge Belly Flop contest! In the pre-dawn hour around 6:30am we exhibit our best
belly flops then gather around the fire pit to warm up and eat breakfast. There is a light workout typically
after breakfast and then you pack up and head home.
Another Summer Camp in the books. Can’t wait for the next one!

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