About the Blue Wave


The Blue Wave Taekwondo Association is one of the longest standing and most progressive martial arts organizations in New England.

Grandmaster Bruce V. Twing opened the first Taekwondo school in the town of Hardwick, Vermont in 1969, later founding the Blue Wave Association in 1978.  A proud non profit organization, it is  governed by an Executive Board, Board of Directors, and its Black Belt membership.

With over 148 active black belts, including 26 Master Rank practitioners, the breadth of knowledge and experience in the Blue Wave is unparalled. The passion and dedication of our members is clear.


There are over 120 active black belts training at twelve different Blue Wave dojangs across Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

The Blue Wave Taekwondo Association offers classes and events for children and adults, beginning and advanced students.


Executive Board

The Blue Wave Association is organized and led by an Executive Board and numerous volunteers. Grandmaster Twing intended for a group of Blue Wave students to share the responsibilities and leadership necessary for sustaining and expanding the association over time. The positions on the Executive Board are President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Blue Wave has over 120 active black belts, including 15 black belts with 5th Dan Master rank or higher, indicating the breadth of Taekwondo knowledge, passion and dedication within the organization.