My sons joined Blue Wave TKD in 2012 at ages 7 and 9. My younger son had seen a flyer and was curious to know what board breaking was all about. He was hooked from the first board break. After watching his brother attend a couple of classes the older one wanted to join too. Little did they know they were signing up for so much more than learning how to do those cool breaks. Both have grown from little boys to respectable leaders in and out of their Blue Wave School. Blue Wave has given them confidence, patience, responsibility and camaraderie.

My boys have become confident in their ability to speak and perform in front of groups. They have learned patience by teaching other students. Both are responsible for their learning, their gear and their behavior. I am very impressed with the camaraderie in the Blue Wave Family. In TKD, you find children ages 6-18 learning together. Recently my boys have started attending some adult classes and are even helping to teach sword techniques to the adults! Through all of these classes they have truly become part of a group where they have great friends and mentors.

Their group extends beyond their local school to the greater Blue Wave family. They are welcomed by other schools for extra training, tournaments and camps. I am very thankful that my son noticed that flyer four years ago and we were able to become part of the Blue Wave Family. I am proud to say that this spring, we had a demonstration night and my boys were the ones doing those amazing breaks that might have hooked in a new family.

Erin Ames, Grantham/ Hanover Parent

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