Groton VT – Blue Wave

Mr. Russell Tinkham

His first taste of training in Taekwondo was at Lyndon State College, but Groton Blue Wave’s head instructor Mr. Russell Tinkham (left) officially began training in 1988 and has been instructing since 1995. He is a 4th degree black belt.

"Martial arts had always appealed to me and after I began training I knew I needed to keep doing it," Mr. Tinkham said.

Groton Blue Wave was not only created out of a passion for the sport, but through Mr. Tinkham's passion for the association and the people. "I believe the organization is as strong as it was when Master Twing was around, maybe stronger," he said.

Mr. Tinkham promotes Taekwondo as a stress reliever and self-esteem booster. "It's also a solitary pursuit and in other ways the sport helps to build relationships," he said.

Taekwondo is a wonderful family activity because people can progress at their own speed yet they are all learning and enjoying the same sport together. "My son and I are vastly different people and we trained together for about 12 years," Mr. Tinkham said. "I got to know him in ways that I otherwise would not have."

Instructor Mr. Russell Tinkham
E-mail Address
Phone Number 802-584-3995
Gym Address Groton Community Building
Main Street (Rt 302)
Groton, VT 05046

Community Building is Located Beside the Fire Station

Tuesday  6:30 - 8:00 All Ranks Class All Ranks 
Thursday  6:30 - 8:00 All Ranks Class All Ranks