Lyndon Blue Wave

Mr. Paul Barlow

Lyndon Blue Wave LLC was started in 2014 by Master Delbert Reed, Master Reed has been involved in TKD for over 30 years as a student and instructor. His first dojang was in East Haven VT in 1986 after receiving his black belt. In 2011one of his black belt student Paul Barlow started a dojang in Sheffield VT. After 3 years of having separate dojangs the opportunity arose for the two to combine and start a dojang in Lyndonville VT.

Master Delbert Reed Mr. Paul Barlow

Master Delbert Reed
Mr. Paul Barlow

After obtaining his 7th Dan Master Reed decided to step back from the day to day operations of the dojang and passed the duties on to Mr. Barlow. The Lyndonville Gym now operates under Mr. Barlow as the head instructor and under the watchful eye of Master Reed. Mr. Barlow has help with the gym from Master Masure, and other black belts in the gym. Lyndonville Blue Wave is dedicated to the principles of confidence, discipline, learning leadership skills and becoming part of something great.

"Taekwondo brings people together as a family to strive for common goals. In the Dojang, rank rules no matter what the age. I tell my students when they enter the Dojang we are all one big family, to help each other and grow together," said Master Reed.

Instructor Mr. Patrick Ham
E-mail Address [email protected]
Phone Number 802-274-8524
Gym Address 61 Depot Street
Lyndon, VT. 05851
Tuesday 5:30 - 7:00 All Ranks Class   All Ranks 
Thursday 5:30 - 7:00 All Ranks Class   All Ranks 

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